Our top priority is to ensure a positive library experience for everyone. At the Halton Hills Public Library, everyone’s conduct is to be: 

  • Respectful of all patrons, visitors, staff and volunteers 
  • Careful and considerate of library property 
  • Lawful 
  • Responsible 
Everyone is expected to: 
  • Attend to and supervise children in their care 
  • Attend to personal belongings 
  • Use library furniture, equipment and property properly, and only for the usual and intended purposes 
Examples of behaviour that is NOT permitted include: 
  • Bringing any animal other than one trained to assist persons with disabilities in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 
  • Smoking on or within 9 metres of library premises 
  • Engaging in conduct that is abusive, harassing, or sufficiently noisy to annoy others 
  • Actions or behaviours that damage library property 
  • Damage or theft of library material 
  • Body or clothing odour which constitutes a nuisance to others 
  • Entering non-public areas 
  • Canvassing, selling, soliciting or distributing of circulars or other articles 
  • Photographing or filming without prior approval from a senior staff member 
  • Taking library material into washrooms 
Patrons must, if so requested on leaving the library, make available for inspection the contents of all bags, briefcases and other containers and all papers, books and other reading material in their possession. Such examination shall be for the sole purpose of determining ownership and ascertaining that library material has been properly discharged. 

Revised/Approved: September 16, 2014

Revised/Approved: September 13, 2017 

Next Scheduled Review: January 2022