Family Literacy Day - Raise a Reader

Posted On Thursday January 14, 2021

There are so many wonderfully engaging, entertaining, and informative books for kids to read. Books help to pass the time, open kids up to new worlds of knowledge and ideas, build stronger readers and help them do well in school. Books provide entertainment that kids can take with them anywhere, anytime. Even high-tech eBooks provide engagement and boost literacy when you want to read a book right away. Plus, eBooks are great when you can't make it to the library in person.

Whether they are in school or learning from home, it is critically important to keep kids engaged in reading to ensure their academic success. As always, HHPL’s goal is to increase literacy, encourage a love of reading, express creativity, and find enjoyment in the written word.

Here’s a list of things you can do to keep your children engaged and to help them become life-long readers:

Read to your kids every single day 
By reading to your children you help to build their vocabulary. Reading something that’s slightly above their reading level helps them to comprehend and enjoy stories that are more complex than what they can read on their own. Reading together with your child also provides essential bonding time. Read aloud to your child when you are waiting for the bus, eating dinner, riding the subway, waiting for the doctor, etc. Plus, it is perfectly fine for your child to draw or play quietly with toys while they listen to you read aloud.

Always keep books around and within reach
Start this habit early and show them your love of reading. Let your children look at the pictures in a book, or verbally tell themselves the story from a book they have heard many times. Remembering and recreating a story builds a strong, healthy mind. Place books beside their bed and encourage a bedtime story every night before they go to sleep. Let your child be surrounded and in touch with a variety of books before they even learn to read. Make sure books are easily accessible and visible around the house.

Provide a variety of options
Be sure to bring home a wide variety of books for your child. Include books on many topics and various genres. Expose your kids to science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, action and adventure, classics, short stories, poetry, graphic novels, etc. Bring something home that you may think they will like and leave it for them to find. Half the fun is the discovery of a new and interesting read. However, make sure there is no pressure, or you may turn your child off of reading.  Let it be natural and let them find their own interest in the subject matter.

Bring your child to the library often
Right now, while the Library is closed, due to the Provincial-wide Lockdown, you can still reserve books online and pick them up via Curbside/Item pickup or even find resources as an eBook from our digital library. Furthermore, your local Library offers programs to engage readers, so encourage your children to participate in our book clubs and other literacy-building activities. When the Library reopens, let your child browse and play among the stacks in the children’s department. Encourage them to discover the joys of the Library, with the many things to do and see, and let them point out different books they find appealing.

Let your child see you reading every day
If your child knows and sees that you enjoy reading, they will absorb the idea that books are fun. If you feel enthusiastic about a book, talk about it openly. Let them know that sometimes a book is so great you stay up past your bedtime reading, even though you have to work the next day!

For more information about our virtual literacy programs throughout January, please visit HHPL’s Website Calendar. To reserve items online for Curbside/Item Pickup, visit our Website catalogue.