You’re Help Would Be Appreciated

Posted On Saturday September 19, 2020

Take part and help Halton Hills Public Library add to our online historical photo archive (Physically Distanced, Community Strong) of the COVID-19 experience for generations to come. We are asking for the community to help add their photos to this incredible archive.

The archive will portray the human spirit as a symbol of courage and strength from a community working together to overcome the challenges it is faced with. HHPL wishes to preserve the ongoing daily life now and in the weeks to come. Help us show our unwavering strength, our challenges, and our successes, as well as the inspiring, endearing, and hope-filled stories that show how strong we truly are when we work together.

We are asking for your photos of:

  • Your current work or school situation;
  • A good Samaritan delivering groceries/products or helping out;
  • Positive messages created on sidewalks, in windows, on signs, etc;
  • Thank you signs for front line workers;
  • How you are spending your time now or how you spent it this summer;
  • Courteous messages or helpful people;
  • Store line ups or your favourite store/restaurant providing a different service;
  • And other images of daily life

These contributions will become a special collection in the digital archive available for anyone to view, showcasing all the experiences – challenges and triumphs – during this unprecedented time.

All Halton Hills residents can browse the community created collection and submit their own photos and stories on the Halton Hills Images archive website.

Thank you for your help and support!