Return Overdue Items Before the October 1 Deadline

Posted On Friday September 17, 2021

If shelves could talk at Halton Hills Public Library (HHPL), they’d be asking for all overdue materials to be returned asap, because starting October 1, 2021, fines will once again be charged on all overdue items.

To encourage the return of overdue items/materials, all existing fines will be waived for items returned now – even those items that were borrowed five years ago – no questions asked! Fines begin again on October 1, and any overdue library items returned on or after October 1 will be subject to applicable fines, based on the item’s due date.

As you know, it has been a long 18 or more months since we first learned about COVID. Your local library took immediate steps to help ease the burden on people during such a difficult time and temporarily paused all fines. No fines have accumulated on overdue materials between April 2020 and September 2021. The important thing to note is that even though there have been no fines, we still need you to return your overdue library materials so that many others can enjoy them just as much as you have.

On October 1, we will be making some changes to how we are managing overdue materials. Please read the borrowing update below for full details.

Borrowing Responsibility
Please return items on time and in good condition. If you need your library items for longer, you can always renew them, provided another library patron has not requested them. To renew your library items, please log into your library account or contact the library.

If you cannot renew the item, please return it promptly as a courtesy to others waiting for it. Items that are still not returned 35 days after the due date are considered lost and you will be billed a replacement fee. Our aim is to have overdue materials renewed, returned, or replaced.

We are grateful to those who treat due dates, library collections, and other customers with respect, and thank you in advance. We understand that there are times when you cannot return items by the due date and below is an overview of the steps we take to ensure materials continue to be shared.

Overdue Library Materials
If you keep a library item past its due date and do not return it to the library, that library item is considered overdue. A number of different actions may occur up to and including being billed for the item, and depending on the amount owing, your account could be sent to Collections.

Starting October 1, 2021, fines will be charged on all overdue items that are checked out on library card

accounts belonging to adults (18+).

Fines start the day after the library item is due. A fine appears on your library card account when you return the library item to the library or renew it.

Fines for most library items are $0.30 per item, per day. Fines for special library items including mobile hotspots, tickets and passes, and iPads are $1.00 per item, per day. The maximum fine per item is $6.00.

          For example:

  • A library book that was due back on Sept. 30 and returned on Oct. 1 will have a fine of $0.30.
  • A library book that was due back on Sept. 10 and returned on Oct. 1 will have a fine of $6.00.

Overdue Library Materials - Children’s and Youth Library Cards
Fines are not charged to library card accounts belonging to babies, children or youth (17 years of age and younger). You are still responsible for returning items on the due date. Even though fines are not applied, replacement charges for lost items still apply.

Reminder Notices of Overdue Items
To ensure your borrowed items are returned in a timely fashion, you will be notified by email or phone when items are coming due and overdue.
Starting October 1, 2021, reminder notices will be sent out at: 1 day overdue, 7 days overdue, 14 days overdue, 28 days overdue and 34 days overdue. Reminder notices for special collections are sent more frequently.

Lost Items
Starting October 1, 2021, when a library item is 35 or more days past its due date, the item is considered lost. Special collections such as WiFi hotspots are considered lost at 7 days overdue. When a library item is lost, a replacement cost is billed to your library card account. In addition, a small processing fee is also billed.

Blocked Library Card Accounts – Borrowing Privileges Stopped
You can no longer borrow materials when the total fines, replacement charges and processing fees on your library account are $25 or more. Borrowing begins again once the amount owing is under $25.

Need Assistance or Have Questions?
If you need assistance to find out what items are checked out to you, when they are due back at the library, or any other questions, please contact the library at 905-873-2681 or email us at

Thank you for supporting your local library. We are eager to continue serving you and providing you with the best to borrow, take home and enjoy!