BOMB GIRLS - HHPL Lecture Series

Posted On Wednesday October 02, 2019

Many of us are unaware of what our Canadian female population did to move the war effort forward. Other than maintaining homes, families, working long hours to put food on the table and keeping the economy running, courageous women worked behind the scenes to make sure the front line troops had ammo to win the War. HHPL welcomes you to come and delve into this fascinating and insightful lecture which focuses on what was happening at home and in our cities during the Second World War. It’s much greater than one would think and it was history in the making.

During the Second World War, the Canadian government built a sprawling top secret munitions plant outside the city limits in the rural community of Scarborough. The plant, called GECO, comprised 346 acres, over four kilometres of tunnels, and 172 buildings (built in five months!). The vast majority of people who live in Ontario are unaware that an extensive abandoned tunnel system runs under the City of Toronto.

Halton Hills Lecture Series features Bomb Girls: Trading Aprons for Ammo: with historian, author and speaker Barbara Dickson. This lecture is a comprehensive, historical record of Canada’s biggest WWII munitions plant employing over 21,000 citizens, predominantly women, who courageously worked with explosives around the clock over its four year history. Ms. Dickson talks about her book and offers a unique, intimate, and extraordinary glimpse into the lives and hearts of these dedicated Canadians. The book contains insightful in-person interviews with the women who risked their lives every time they stepped onto the “cleanside” of the plant, which lend a personal, distinctive perspective to the book. Their stories reveal tenacity, dedication, patriotism, and resolve in a time when the concept of women working outside the home was a cultural anomaly. Bomb Girls captures, in a dramatic way, the dangerous work these brave young women performed. It’s imperative to pass along their enduring legacy to the generations to come.

Join us and Barbara Dickson at the John Elliott Theatre on October 16 at 7:30pm to learn more about this incredible story and these courageous women.

For more information about the Halton Hills lecture Series please visit our Lecture Series page or for more info about Barbara Dickson and her book, please visit her website.