MagnusCards – Tapping into everyone’s potential!

Posted On Monday May 31, 2021

Getting to know a new place, business or service can cause anxiety for anyone, but for people with autism or other cognitive impairments, navigating a new environment without understanding how things are set up or work can be even more stressful.

To help people orient themselves to new locations and services, MagnusMode, a company based in Waterloo, Ontario developed MagnusCards, an app created to bridge this gap and provide inclusivity for everyone in their everyday activities. The Halton Hills Public Library is delighted to offer this app to all library patrons.

As an ever-expanding life skills library, the MagnusCard app combines a proven method of providing visual, audio and text cues along with step-by-step instructions to map common, daily experiences, presented as digital card decks. The card decks provide the opportunity to practice and prepare for activities beforehand, therefore reducing anxiety for new or recurring activities, such as exploring the library. MagnusCards provides prompts and positive reinforcement to support experiential learning, thus enabling people to participate in ways that are meaningful to them.  

The Halton Hills Public Library’s MagnusCards app will feature:  

  • How to get a library card 
  • How to use the library Catalogue 
  • How to find items on the library shelves
  • How to check out library Items 
  • How to return library Items 

Information about how to download the app onto your smartphone or tablet can be found here.

The Halton Hills Public Library is launching Magnus Cards in partnership with the Town of Halton Hills Recreation and Parks Department and the Town of Halton Hills Activan Transportation Service, both of which will be launching their own MagnusCard card decks in the coming months. This partnership project is made possible with funding from the Town of Halton Hills Accessibility Committee.