Ghost Stories for the Campfire: Spooky Summer Reads

Posted On Wednesday August 21, 2019

We know there’s got to be some of you out there who are anxious to get started on your spooky reading! Well, why wait for Halloween? Summer is still the perfect time to tell your ghost stories around the campfire, and HHPL has you covered with some spook-tacular titles! So get comfy, settle in with a treat, and prepare to be chilled in the heat!

Children’s/Middle-Grade Pick: The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

In the first book in the Lockwood & Co. series, Agent Lucy Carlyle and Anthony Lockwood of Lockwood & Co., a London-based psychic investigations agency, must work together to take down the horrible epidemic of ghosts that has been plaguing the country for the last fifty years. But when an assignment goes wrong, they have to make it right by spending the night in one of the most haunted houses in England. Think you have what it takes to join them and survive the night? 

Teen Pick: Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

Alexis has what you might call a “dysfunctional” family life. But things are stranger than normal when her younger, doll-crazy sister Kasey begins spending an unusual amount of time with one doll in particular. Pretty soon, some creepy, unexplainable things are happening around the house; doors opening and closing by themselves, water boiling on an unlit stove, lights turning on and off. Not to mention, Kasey’s behaviour is becoming increasingly bizarre. Alexis knows she needs to get to the bottom of it all and put a stop to it before the lives of everyone around her are threatened. 

Adult Pick: The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

Idlewild Hall was originally a boarding school where girls went when they were unwanted - the ones who were illegitimate, too rebellious, too smart - and there are rumours that it’s haunted. Journalist Fiona Sheridan’s older sister was found dead twenty years ago near the ruins of Idlewild Hall, and she’s never been able to shake the feeling that something went wrong with the investigation. Now that an anonymous benefactor has decided to restore the Hall, she takes it upon herself to write a story covering the restoration. But the renovations soon uncover mysterious links between her sister, events that happened far in the past, and maybe even to a girl that went missing in the 1950s.


Tasha Longtin, Library Associate

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