HH Lecture Series: Morning Lecture - Forest Meditation

Posted On Tuesday September 17, 2019

We live in a culture where we are continuously running out of time, and feel way too busy. Sometimes just managing to fit in basic needs can not only be challenging but tiring. Enter meditation and mindfulness. With daily meditation we can actually find more time because it helps to makes us more productive. Meditation slows down our heart rate and relaxes our mind; relieving the feelings of urgency, and dispelling distractions. We face hundreds of distractions each and every day that impede our ability to focus. Meditation calms the mind and helps us to find our centre, which increases our productivity by sharpening our brain and thought processes.

With this in mind, local meditation instructor and nature lover, Chantal Garneau, will explore and show us the link between our environment and the mental health crisis, as well as share some nature inspired meditation techniques to help us feel alert, calm and grounded in our daily life. Chantal’s mantra is to become present in this moment. She can help us prevent burnout and can teach us to show up to our lives and live in the moment through mindfulness. Her light-hearted facilitation skills and ability to turn abstract concepts into practical action contribute to her success.

Join us September 26 at 10am in the John Elliott Theatre for the first of our NEW Morning Series Lectures, and learn real life techniques to relaxing the mind and body.

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