Staff Picks 2019

Posted On Tuesday January 07, 2020

Although we wish we could, Librarians do not get to sit around all day reading books. Much of our time is spent developing and running programs, promoting services and collections, selecting new materials and so much more. But no matter what, we always find a way to incorporate our inherent love of reading into our day.

 As a patron, you may have even witnessed this! We have a tendency to share our love of reading. You may have overheard an HHPL Library Staffer chat about a book they just read or see them deep in conversation with a patron as they conduct a readers advisory interview. We’re only all too thrilled to help someone find their next great read. You may have seen us in the book stacks selecting display materials that will help patrons discover a new author, series or collection. From time to time, you may even catch us sitting in our cars listening to just a few more minutes of an audiobook (guilty as charged).

 Our free time is often allocated as ‘book reading time’, which is why the staff lunch room happens to be the quietest room in the library. However, we do kindly ask that you ignore the dark circles around our eyes as we all too often desperately try to convince ourselves that reading one more chapter won’t make us any less tired the next day.    

 With that said, our HHPL Library Staff thought they would share some of their favourite reads this past year. Some are old (we’re often behind due to that lack of reading on the job thing), some are new, ALL ARE BORROWED, and none make us blue. Ok, maybe some make us blue, but we’re happy to chat about that!

We hope you enjoy! Happy Reading!

To view the full list, please follow the link to our catalogue.

Jen Corrin, Systems Librarian
Content & Technologies Department,
Halton Hills Public Library