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Posted On Thursday May 20, 2021

Defiant chronicles the remarkable life of Janine Shepherd, an elite ski racer whose bid to represent Australia in the Olympics was cut short by a tragic accident.  After six months in hospital battling to rehabilitate her permanent disabilities, she not only taught herself to walk again-she earned new wings as both a pilot and an aerobatics instructor.  Janine survived a painful divorce, the loss of her home and financial ruin. She again-reinvented herself as a single mom, as well as a celebrated author and international speaker. "Personally, I was awed by Janine's resiliency. She was able to look past her limitations, to accept her altered abilities and move forward with her life with such a positive attitude."

Defiant offers encouragement and hope to anyone facing a life challenge. Reserve it on HHPL’s catalogue today!

(Reviewed by Christine Otto with excerpts from the dust jacket of Defiant)