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October 24, 2018
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Information for Self-Published Authors

While the Halton Hills Public Library supports self-published authors, we are most likely to add books of significant local interest or those which have received media attention. Please be sure to read this entire page as it contains important information throughout.

We do not accept physical copies of books to review for purchase. Instead, self-published authors may choose one of the following two options for sharing their work with the library:

  1. Suggest a Purchase of their work via the library’s website, or
  2. Donate a copy of their work to the library. Donations become property of the Halton Hills Public Library, and may be discarded, sold, or donated to charity, if not accepted for inclusion.

Regardless of whether a self-published book is donated or suggested for purchase, we will need the following information listed in the bullet points below:

  • Book title
  • Author's name
  • Author's address
  • ISBN (if available)
  • Price (for suggested purchases only)
  • Type of binding
  • Audience
  • Ordering information
  • Author's credentials (mandatory for non-fiction)
  • A brief summary of the book's contents
  • Information about illustrations
  • Why this book would be of interest to HHPL patrons
  • Any reviews from objective online or print sources (not paid or customer reviews)

For donations, please send this information along with your work.

To suggest a purchase, please copy and paste the bullet points listed above into the comments field of the Suggest a Purchase form and complete each bullet.

The library neither orders directly from websites nor pays in advance for material. If you would like to sell your book to the library, you should be prepared to do one of the following: 

  1. Accept an order, send an invoice, and wait a few weeks for payment.
  2. Make your book available through a wholesaler.
  3. Contact Library Services Centre’s Small Press and Author Service. This program makes self-published materials available for purchase to libraries across Canada. See LSC's page for more information.

Due to the high volume of donations and suggested purchases we receive, we cannot notify self-published authors if their books are selected. If a self-published item is selected for inclusion in our collection, the title will then appear in the library catalogue.

If you have self-published an eBook, please contact the library eBook vendor Overdrive for inclusion in their catalogue. The Halton Hills Public Library and other libraries will then have access to your title. For more information or to follow up, please contact the Halton Hills Public Library.