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November 19, 2018
Halton Hills Public Library. A world within our doors

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Library Accessibility

Our buildings and our website are inclusive to all! We are committed to offering everyone in our community access to all our library programs and services.

The Georgetown and Acton Branches are accessible for everyone in our community. People with disabilities are invited to utilize these spaces to their fullest. Take a look at the assistive services we can offer to enhance your Library experience:

Accessibility and Services for People with Disabilities

Assistive devices available in library branches

Large Print keyboard

Large-Print Keyboards

Keyboards with larger lettering make it easier to see the keys than on a standard keyboard

Trackball computer mouse

Trackball Computer Mice

These computer mice require less fine motor control than standard mice and have easy to see buttons.

Book Stand

Book Stands

These bookstands can be used to prop open a book or magazines for hands-free reading. Some bookstands also have lights that shine directly on the page.

Magnifying lamp

Magnifying Lamps

These magnifying lamps can be positioned to assist with comfortable reading at a chair beside a table.

Stand Magnifyer

Stand Magnifiers

These magnifiers can be placed over pages so that they magnify the text beneath.

Handheld Magnifyer

Hand-held Magnifiers

A variety of hand held or free standing magnifiers of various strengths are available.

CCTV Print Magnifyer

CCTV - Print Magnifier

This magnification system can be used to enlarge text and pictures and even change the colour of the text and/or background to make it easier to read

Daisy disc reader

DAISY (Digital Accessible Information Sytem)Disc Readers

DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) players play DAISY Talking Books on CD as well as regular CDs.


Wheelchair for in-library use

Wheelchair can be used while visiting the library.


Collections for People with Disabilities

DAISY format talking books

DAISY format talking books are audio recorded books reserved for print disabled customers. A print disability can include: a perceptual disability because of blindness or partial sight, physical disability and/or learning disability in accordance with the definition provided in Section 32 of the Canadian Copyright Act.

The library’s collection of DAISY format talking books is made possible through the CNIB’s Partners Program.

DAISY format talking books are listed in the Library Catalogue under Talking Books .


You can request audiobooks through our Library Catalogue here. Audiobooks come in CD format or as downloadable files that you can listen to on your computer or portable.

Large Print

You can search and request large print books through our Library Catalogue here. Both adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction titles are available.

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) Services and Collections

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) allows public libraries to deepen their existing services for library members with print disabilities with a networked library service via postal delivery and digital access. Library members registered with CELA have access to  more than 300,000 items in accessible formats, including audio, Braille, and electronic text.

Some of the collections and services available through CELA:
  • Books of all kinds for all ages in English DAISY audiobooks, French DAISY audiobooks, Braille, and PrintBraille
  • Bookshare, an accessible online library with 250,000 titles in DAISY Text, DAISY audio (synthetic voice), MP3 (synthetic voice), or Braille Ready Format
  • Special collections for kids and teens with print disabilities
  • Newspapers and magazines online
  • Support for participation in community reading clubs such as CBC Canada Reads and the TD Summer Reading Club

DAISY CD Player Borrowing Program

image of daisy readerThe library has DAISY compatible CD-players that can be borrowed by anyone with a print disability. DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) players play DAISY Talking Books on CD as well as regular CDs.

DAISY players are listed in the Library Catalogue and can be requested by placing a hold. 

The loan period for DAISY players is 10 weeks and they can be renewed.

Library on Wheels Delivery Services


If you are unable to visit the library due to ill health, or disability (temporary or permanent), we can bring library materials to you. You are eligible to receive deliveries if you reside within the geographic boundaries of Halton Hills.


To register, call us at 905-873-2681 or email


Materials are selected on the basis of your interests. You can request specific titles at any time. All circulating materials are available through Library on Wheels including books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, Audiobooks (on regular CDs or DAISY format CDs).


Your library materials are delivered at a time convenient to you on a monthly basis.

Your library materials can also be delivered to care facilities and seniors’ centres.