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September 26, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Volunteers

Recognizing the potential benefits to the library, community and interested individuals, the Board encourages the use of volunteers to enhance library services within the following guidelines:

  1. Volunteers will not be used to supplant established paid positions, nor to fill ongoing permanent positions essential to the operation of the library's normal range of services.
  2. Volunteers should not be considered for jobs that: 
  • involve access to privileged/confidential information (e.g. patron records)
  • require the constant presence/supervision of paid staff or, 
  • require more than 4 hours of active training by paid staff.
  1. Volunteers should be assigned to meaningful tasks which utilize their talents/abilities; which can be completed within a specific period and for which they have been properly trained and are comfortable performing.
  2. Volunteers should be interviewed, selected and trained by the Supervisor who will be responsible for their work.  Volunteers acting in specified roles may be subject to the same requirement for a Criminal Records check as paid staff.
  3. During the interview/selection process, the potential volunteer should be judged by the same criteria one would apply to a potential paid employee.  Unsuitable volunteers may cost the library more in disruptions and wastage of paid staff time than the value of their labour.
  4. A reasonably detailed job description/project overview should be prepared for the volunteer to enable supervisory staff and volunteers to clearly understand the task assignment and to aid in training and evaluation.
  5. Volunteers working in contact with the public should be clearly identified by name tag labeled “Library Volunteer".
  6. As a condition of working in a public capacity, volunteers should be required to avoid interpreting library operations, procedures or policies but should always refer these questions to staff.
  7. Volunteers delivering material to a member of the public (Library-on-Wheels) will require a Vulnerable Sector Police check that will be paid for by the library.

Revised/Approved: December 13, 2017

Revised/Approved: January 14, 2014

Next Scheduled Review: April 2022