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December 11, 2017
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Library Board Policies - Staff Development, Association Membership, Conferences

It is a policy of the Board to encourage attendance at seminars and conferences for Board members and staff.  Whenever possible, the Board will provide sufficient funds for staff and Board members to participate in development opportunities that will promote improved service to the community.

 A minimum of 10% per year of any amount budgeted for conferences or seminars or for mileage, meals, etc. shall be available to trustees for educational purposes.  Interested Board members shall request, at a Board meeting, approval to attend prior to the registration deadline.   Each Board member is encouraged to attend at least one conference during his/her four-year term.

If the number of Board member requests to attend the Ontario Library Association (OLA) SuperConference exceeds the amount budgeted, preference will be given to requests from:

  • New Board members or returning Board members who have not attended an OLA SuperConference within the current term;
  • Board members who plan to attend the Ontario Library Board Association Bootcamp (when offered)

The Board shall cover the total cost of the registration and shall reimburse the Board member for 100% of the travel-related expenses as per the provisions below.

A Board member’s attendance at the OLA SuperConference will be capped at two days with the Board determining each year whether any associated accommodation request can be funded.  A Board member will submit original, itemized receipts for any approved accommodation expense.

Meals/snacks while attending the OLA SuperConference will be reimbursed to the following maximum amounts: one day registration ($25 for lunch/snacks) and two day registration ($105 for one breakfast, two lunches/snacks, and one dinner).  Board members must submit original, itemized receipts. The maximum amounts will be reviewed every two years and adjusted if/as required.

Board members are encouraged to travel to conferences, seminars, etc. via GO Transit to minimize travel expenses.  Mileage to/from the Board member’s home to the nearest GO station will be reimbursed at HHPL’s standard kilometrage rate.  Board members must submit original, itemized receipts for GO Transit fares.

Attendance for staff at conferences and seminars will be paid by the Board in accordance with the Article 10 of the Personnel Policy Manual.  When funds are limited, staff is encouraged to cost share to enable as many as possible to attend.

It shall be the policy of the Board to determine for each budget year which institutional or Board memberships the Board shall maintain for that year.

For membership in an organization that will contribute to the professional development of a Librarian or Supervisor, and benefit the Library, the Library shall pay the fee in full.

Reviewed/Approved:  January 13, 2016