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November 19, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Safety and Security of Children and Vulnerable Adults

As a public service agency, Halton Hills Public Library shares society’s justifiable concern about the potential abuse of children or vulnerable adults by persons in positions of trust or authority.  Therefore, the Halton Hills Public Library Board has approved a policy and procedures for requiring and maintaining a current criminal records check which must be renewed every three (3) years, from library employees in specified positions who have the opportunity to establish a relationship of trust with library users.

The requirement of a criminal records check will be clearly indicated in the Library Personnel Policy Manual (Schedule D), in employment documentation and the job descriptions of the subject positions. These positions will be specified and approved by the Board as circumstances require and may be applied retroactively to existing employees as well as to those awaiting confirmation of hiring.

In the event of unsatisfactory results from the check, the Chief Librarian may: withdraw an offer of employment and, if the situation involves an existing employee may, depending on the nature of the results, re-assign or terminate the employee.

Should the Library decide to use volunteers in ways that would mimic the conditions/criteria used to require criminal records checks of employees, volunteers will also be required to obtain the criminal records check.

Halton Hills Public Library will apply due diligence throughout its service development and delivery to ensure that children and vulnerable adults receive the most appropriate attention and precautionary concern.

Revised/Approved: December 13, 2017

Revised/Approved: September 1, 2015

Next Scheduled Review: April 2022