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November 17, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Public Relations

Policy Statement

An ongoing, comprehensive, and high-level public relations program is a necessity for every public library that wants to make the transition from being, for most of the public, a fringe benefit to being of central economic and social importance to the wide cross-section of people.


The goals of our public relations / marketing efforts are:

  • To ensure that library representatives, especially those in public relations / marketing roles, interact effectively with the public
  • To promote community awareness of library services
  • To stimulate public interest in and usage of the library
  • To develop public understanding and support of the library and its role in the community

Although much of the Library's day-to-day public relations is carried out by the staff, it is the Board member who represents the Library to the community.  Board members should have a wide background of civic and cultural interest in the community, giving them contacts among various groups and organizations and unlimited opportunities to "talk library" to friends, fellow members, and business associates.  Just as the library staff has the duty of maintaining good services and good relations with all members of the public, so is the Board member under obligation to act as library ambassador in all community contacts, turning such contacts into channels for building respect and a sense of commitment toward the library.

Another important responsibility of the Library Board is that of maintaining diplomatic and political relations with governing authorities.  A cornerstone of these relations is the annual report of the Library Board.  The Board, together with staff, should make certain that an interesting, comprehensive report is published and widely distributed and publicized.  This report, in addition to summarizing operational facts, new programs, and such, should cover needed changes that will keep the library not only abreast of, but hopefully one jump ahead of growth and change in the community. (The Library Trustee--A Practical Guidebook, Bowker, 1969)


Revised/Approved: May 2018

Reviewed/Approved: December 13, 2017

Revised/Approved:  June 2010

Next Scheduled Review: April 2022