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September 26, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Media Relations Policy


The goal of the Halton Hills Public Library’s Media Relations Policy is to ensure that the community is informed about library programs, services and events through clear, consistent and accurate media messaging. Effective media relations are an important component of the Library’s marketing and communications strategy.

Speaking on Behalf of the Library

The following designated spokespeople are permitted to speak on behalf of the Halton Hills Public Library:

  • Chair of the Board
  • Chief Librarian

No one else is permitted to write or speak to the media without prior authorization from the either the Library Board Chair or the Chief Librarian.  The Marketing and Communications Specialist, in consultation with the Chief Librarian, will provide information to the media to promote library programs, services and events, and, from time to time, will develop responses to media questions in consultation with the Chief Librarian. The Marketing and Communications Specialist is listed as the primary media contact on the Halton Hills Public Library website. 

In responding to the media, the Chief Librarian will first consult with the Marketing and Communications Specialist, and the Chair if required to determine the appropriate course of action.  At the discretion of the Chair of the Board or the Chief Librarian, the Board shall be notified within 24 hours when responses are made to the media on behalf of the Halton Hills Public Library.  Copies of these responses will be provided to the Board.

From time to time, the Chair or Chief Librarian may authorize a staff member or Board member to speak to the media on a specific issue relating to his/her area of expertise.

If at any time, HHPL staff members, Board members or volunteers identify themselves to the media or through a social media platform as such, or are identified by a media outlet as such, it must be indicated that the views expressed are personal views, not necessarily those of the Halton Hills Public Library.

Freedom of Information Act

The Town of Halton Hills is governed by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which sets out what information can be legally released and what information is confidential.

Revised/Approved: November 8, 2017

Revised/Approved: January 14, 2015

Next Scheduled Review: March 2022