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November 17, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Lockdown Policy

The Library Board has developed this policy to support and empower staff to take action in an emergency situation.  Delay or not responding in a timely manner during emergencies could result in an increased risk of injuries.  The in-charge staff member is encouraged to declare a Lockdown and call Police when he/she feels the safety of the public or staff is in jeopardy.

A Lockdown is a response to an emergency situation where the evacuation of a branch is neither safe nor advisable and steps are required to isolate patrons and staff from danger.   Every situation is different, but the most common situation warranting lockdown would be a violent or armed individual entering the library and either threatening violence or committing a violent act.  It is important for staff to be prepared to react to this type of situation in a calm manner and to get themselves and the members of the public to a secure location as quickly as possible.

When a Lockdown is declared by the in-charge staff member, all staff will take immediate precautions to ensure the safety of persons within the building by directing them to take cover in the closest secure location.  The in-charge person will ensure that 911 has been called and will contact the Chief Librarian or designate if possible.  All staff members within the library are responsible for ensuring that no one leaves the secure locations until the Lockdown is removed by the in-charge staff member or the Police.

It is important to note that library staff will not always be able to move patrons to secure locations if the patrons are not complying with the staff requests.  Reasonable efforts should be made to bring as many members of the public into the secure locations as quickly as possible, but if someone is refusing to comply with staff direction there is no way to coerce people into compliance, and the delays that could result from arguing with a customer could substantially increase the risk of injury for the staff member.

The in-charge staff member is asked to use his/her best judgement in declaring a Lockdown.  However, staff will not be reprimanded for calling the Police or deciding on a Lockdown response if at a later time it was determined to be unnecessary.

Reviewed/Approved:  November 8, 2017

Approved: May 14, 2014

Next Scheduled Review: March 2022