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November 19, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Local History and Archives


The Halton Hills Public Library maintains a special collection in order to conserve local history and to provide access to unique materials that help researchers and the public better understand our past.

The purpose of the Local History Policy is to help clarify and guide the growth and maintenance of the local history and archives collections.

The Halton Hills Public Library Board will make every effort, as budget will allow, to provide space that preserves and secures material appropriately.

In 1982, the Halton Hills Public Library Board and the Esquesing Historical Society agreed to create an archive for the Town of Halton Hills.

The Society agreed to deposit its collection on permanent loan, actively solicit the donation of material of historical importance, and endeavour to support the development of the collection financially.  The Library agreed to provide space for storage, some of the funding required to maintain the collection, and most of the staff support for its organization and access.

Purpose and Scope

The Halton Hills Public Library’s Local History and the Esquesing Historical Society’s Archival Collections preserve material that documents the history of the Town of Halton Hills (formerly known as the Town of Acton, the Township of Esquesing and the Town of Georgetown) and vicinity.  This material is made available to researchers and the general public. 

The Archives will accept historical material of any medium, including:

  • textual records
  • photographs and other visual records
  • maps, plans and architectural records
  • sound recordings and oral history recordings
  • video recordings and video history recordings

The Archives does not accept museum objects due to space limitations.

Within the limits of the donor agreement or copyright, the Esquesing Historical Society and the Halton Hills Public Library retain the right to reproduce material by mechanical, electronic or photographic means for security, conservation or research purposes.

The Esquesing Historical Society and the Halton Hills Public Library retain the right to charge for any reproductions or other research service.


The Halton Hills Public Library Board recognizes that the Esquesing Historical Society is a long-standing and key partner in the delivery of local history resources.

As part of this partnership, the Esquesing Historical Society improves access to the local history collection by applying for grants to support equipment and student assistance. The Library in turn provides space, technical support/training and supervision.

Purchases, Gifts and Loans

Consideration for inclusion either in the Archives or Local History collection will be based on the overall merit of the material and in its usefulness in understanding Halton Hills’ history.

Donations to the Archives will be accepted provided that there is a signed Deed of Gift form that legally transfers ownership of the material to the Esquesing Historical Society or the Halton Hills Public Library.  A provenance record of all donations to the Archives will be maintained.

When a donor wishes to place material on indefinite loan in the collection, the Esquesing Historical Society will decide whether to accept the loan and, if so, make the appropriate arrangements.

Withdrawal of Items from the Collection

The Esquesing Historical Society has control over their archival collection and as such, any disposition of the collection is at Esquesing Historical Society’s discretion.  Upon request, Library staff will assist with the disposal.  Halton Hills Public Library owned items deemed no longer relevant will be withdrawn and staff will attempt to donate any items to another historical agency.  If the item is not needed by any other historical agency, the item with either be sold or recycled.  Items loaned to the Library will be returned to the owner.

Revised/Approved:  November 8, 2017

Revised/Approved: June 10, 2015

Next Scheduled Review: march 2022