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December 15, 2017
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Library Board Policies - Library-On-Wheels Service

Halton Hills Public Library Board supports a residential delivery service to community members who are unable to visit the library. 

This service may be requested by an individual, or the individual’s family, caregiver or health professional.  It is available to clients in the hospital or other medical care facilities, in their own homes or in group residences.

A Circulation Supervisor or Branch Supervisor speaks with the prospective client, his/her caregiver or health professional to determine eligibility for the service along with the needs and preferences of the client.  A schedule for delivery and pickup is decided with the client, and the nature of the material desired is established and adjusted throughout the client’s relationship with the library.

The library attempts to supply the types and formats of material that suit the needs of the client and that are within the capacity of the library to provide.  Delivery of material is undertaken by volunteers, in accordance with the established schedule.

The Library-on-Wheels Service provides deposit collections for seniors’ residences, or other group homes/residences where there are a significant number of persons who could qualify for individual service.  The establishment of such a service is dependent on concluding a satisfactory agreement with the management of the residence.

The board encourages fundraising to support the special collection used by many of the Library-on-Wheels clients.

The detailed policies and procedures for the Library-on-Wheels Service can be found in Appendix #8.

Revised/Approved:  February 11, 2015