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September 26, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Library Board Member Reimbursement

Members of the library board are eligible for reimbursement of the following:

  • Transportation expenses equal to but not exceeding economy air travel 
  • Mileage at the approved rate where the trustee elects to use his/her own motor vehicle for travel providing the mileage and parking costs do not exceed the economy air fare 
  • Hotel accommodation, ground transportation, meals (only when not included in conference fees), air travel and parking
  • One hundred percent (100%) of the cost of registration for attending a board matter related conference/convention.

Receipts for all expenses including meals, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, registration, air travel, parking, and/or reasonable out of pocket expenses if applicable must be submitted to the Director of Library Services within thirty (30) days of return from the conference/convention.  All reimbursements must be authorized by the Board Chair or designate before a cheque is issued.

The library board must approve board member requests for conference attendance outside of Ontario and/or where the expense will be greater than $1,000.

Reviewed/Approved:   November 8, 2017

Reviewed/Approved: Novemeber 12, 2014

Next Scheduled Review: March 2022