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October 24, 2018
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Library Board Policies - Duties of the Chief Librarian

  1. Based on research, suggests and implements short and long term plans for enhancing the library's services and facilities and reports regularly on progress.
  2. Acts as technical advisor to the Board; recommends needed policies for Board action; recommend employment of all personnel and supervises their work.
  3. Oversees the hiring, promotion, performance management and dismissal of all library personnel.
  4. Understands local and provincial laws that affect library operation and plays an active role in initiating and supporting beneficial library legislation.
  5. Carries out the policies of the library as approved by the Board.
  6. Maintains an active program of community relations; develops and maintains mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations.
  7. Prepares an annual budget for the library in consultation with the Board and gives a current report of expenditures against the budget at each meeting.
  8. Has overall responsibility for selection, acquisition, processing and maintenance of all library material.
  9. Attends all Board meetings other than those in which the Chief Librarians’ tenure, performance or salary are discussed.
  10. Serves as the Board's Secretary/Treasurer and Chief Executive Officer.  Prepares and/or ensures the timely distribution of the Board meeting packages including the agenda, correspondence, minutes, financial reports, and other service-related reports.
  11. Connects with local, provincial, and national professional organizations, and attends professional meetings and workshops.
  12. Co-ordinates with and make use of the services of provincial library agencies.
  13. Reports regularly to the Library Board, the officials of the local government and the general public on library initiatives, performance indicators and other issues of interest.
  14. Maintains effective working relationships with Town staff and other partners.
  15. Supports the advocacy work of the board and assists where necessary.
  16. Reviewed/Approved: September 13, 2017

    Revised/Approved: November 12, 2014

    Next Scheduled Review: January 2022